Code Samples

Developer Kit

To get you started we have a PHP SDK which you can find on It is also available via composer at shootproof/php-sdk.

Included are the following files and their functionality:

  • Sp_Api.php - API wrapper, constructed with an access_token to access the ShootProof API
  • Sp_Auth.php - Authentication Wrapper to handle OAuth access_token/refresh_token requests. Reminder: set the client_id (APP Id) and redirect_uri specific to your needs.
  • Sp_Lib.php - Common library used by Sp_Auth/Sp_Api
  • auth.php - Example of an authentication link to take the user to log into ShootProof to authenticate your APP
  • complete.php - Basic example of a redirect URI endpoint. Takes an authentication code (as a GET param) and trades it for an access_token/refresh_token, additionally uses the access_token with the Sp_Api wrapper to make an event list API request.