The ShootProof API uses a problem detail, as defined by RFC 7807 to describe API errors. This response lets your app know that a problem occurred and provides you with information to debug the problem and try to resolve it.

Media Type


HTTP Status Codes

We use a variety of HTTP status codes for error responses, each of which aims to be in keeping with the defined HTTP semantics for the code. Here are a few of the more common or noteworthy error status codes we may use:

400 Bad Request
This is by far our most common error status code. We use this for general validation failures. If your integration or your users submit bad data, this is usually the status code you will see in response.
409 Conflict
When a resource is in a state that does not allow the requested changes, we will respond with this status code.
507 Insufficient Storage
If you attempt an operation that requires more storage space or would go over an imposed limit, we’ll respond with 507 to let you know. There are other conditions that can lead to this response code as well. Check the reason property in the info extension for details.


Our usage of the problem detail is formally described and extended from the standard. In particular, we have introduced the info extension, which we use to convey additional information about the nature of the error.

If the error response is a result of validation errors, it will most likely be a 400 Bad Request response and contain this info.errors property. Each property name in the errors object is a property that failed validation. These properties contain objects with property names in the form of internal validation error message slugs paired with human-readable string values describing the validation failure. Each property may have multiple validation failure messages.

Validation Error Example

  "type": "",
  "title": "Bad Request",
  "detail": "There was a problem with your request. Please see `info` for more information.",
  "status": 400,
  "info": {
    "errors": {
      "salesTaxTitle": {
        "noValue": "Sales tax title must be provided."