New Studio Signup

You may use the authorization flow to quickly walk your users through the ShootProof studio signup process. Read on to find out how to streamline this process.

When you redirect a user to ShootProof to proceed through the OAuth flow, on the OAuth login page, the user will see copy at the bottom that reads “New to ShootProof? Get started.”

If the user doesn’t have a ShootProof account, they can click this link to quickly sign up, grant your application access to their ShootProof account, and redirect back to your application.

ShootProof login or signup through the OAuth flow.

Signup Data

To streamline the studio signup process, your application may pass user data to ShootProof as the oauth_signup query string parameter of the authorization code request. This data MUST be a base64-encoded, serialized JSON text string. We will use this data to pre-populate our signup form, speeding the user through the process, to get them quickly back to your app.


The name of the user’s photography studio or business.
The user’s first name.
The user’s last name or surname.
A phone number for the business.
The user’s email address we will use as their ShootProof account username.


  "studioName": "Doyle Studio",
  "firstName": "Samantha",
  "lastName": "Doyle",
  "phone": "(555) 598-3410",
  "email": ""

This object MUST be base-64 encoded. For example:

$oauthSignup = base64_encode('{"studioName":"Doyle Studio","firstName":"Samantha","lastName":"Doyle","phone":"(555) 598-3410","email":""}');

It SHOULD be provided as the query string parameter oauth_signup, as part of the authorization request. For example: